Our chef cooks only the most mouth-watering and eye appealing food that is not only packed nutritionally, but is built up of a menu that is environmentally friendly, with careful regard towards the wildlife and animals involved in our meals.

We cook our food with local produce, harvested on our nearby organic fruit and vegetable farms and it is how we are able to serve you our fresh dishes everyday. Our seafood is caught by our clients in a humane and animal-friendly way, respecting the surrounding aquatic life, but also bringing us a fresh meal to our menu.

Karma Food is based on a fusion of vegetarian and vegan cuisines from around the world, with use of our local sea life (such as our tuna, seabass and swordfish) but we cook our meals with a twist, applying various ways and preparation styles to bring the most out of your experience. Our fresh produce truly brings out the flavors of our natural rainforest, and we handle our ingredients with love as well as being delicately coated with our local spices and herbs.

At Karma Food, you can experience many different varieties of taste, from Costa Rican cuisine with exotic and local elements, to the hand-picked favorites from international cuisine. The interiors of our Karma Food restaurant, along with the food we make, are set to truly give you an authentic and exclusive experience, from the moment you sit down in our furniture made from the finest exotic wood and enjoy your meal with a view onto the Golfo Dulce bay and the nearby Corcovado rainforest.


The Avatar Eco Lodge guests have an automatic all-inclusive program as a part of the stay.

The all-inclusive program offers: A breakfast with a wide selection of foods from our fresh buffet, as well as our chef at your individual service. A lunch salad buffet filled with light-weight foods including sandwiches, vegan and fish burgers, tortillas, fruits and more. All day snacks, like fresh fruits and veggies along with chips and salsa among other refreshments. Dinner, where we have the salad bar at your disposition along with a selection of main courses, appetizers, desserts and fresh produce to choose from. And special on the table cooking, where we offer the unique experience of our chef preparing the dish of your choice in front of your own eyes!
All-inclusive drink offer: coffee, tea, Avatar mineral water and organic lemonade made only from fresh ingredients.

In the case of an all-day excursion, we prepare lunch boxes for our clients along with a set of drinks into coolers as compensation.

Drinks are the final touch to our exclusive gastronomic experience, and with that, we welcome you to our Jaguar Bar. At our massive colonial style bar, we only serve premium drinks, as well as mixed drinks, a selection of wine and destilates, and our fresh nutritional smoothies made from local ingredients.

You can also enjoy our warm and cool drinks from our presobar throughout the day and our fresh fruit cocktails and super smoothies. Let us serve you and make the most of your time, by requesting your drinks to your lounger by our pool, we will always be at your service 100% of the time. Our variety of alcoholic drinks includes mojitos, margaritas, pina coladas with our fresh pineapple, banana daiquiri or you can try our premium line of gin and tonic cocktails, mixed with the world’s best high quality gin.

We also have our very own one-of-a-kind collection of archived rum from different parts of Central America, such as Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama and Guatemala to name a few, that you can exclusively taste at our Jaguar Bar as a part of our “rum turnus” you can ask our bartender about.

Not a guest at our lodge, but want to familiarize yourself with our concept restaurant KARMA FOOD? Reserve your spot at our restaurant for dinner or lunch!

We also offer our special Day Pass that not only integrates our All-Inclusive system, but also includes our All You Can Eat inclusive plan, as well as pool and jacuzzi access for a maximum of 12 hours. We strongly recommend reserving yourself and contacting us as soon as possible.


In Costa Rica, we never have a low season. There is something going on every month, and every month we host a number of different events with something for everyone. Check out our current selection of events this month.

Please leave us your contact through Facebook messenger below and we can then easily inform you about our monthly events and activities, as well as our advances in our Avatar Tree Foundation about the reforestation of former palm oil plantations.

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