FREE ACTIVITIES for our guests

Bird watching using microscopic telescopes where you can see our local toucans, scarlet macaws, amazonian motmots and more!

Night sky observing with a stargazing telescope from our yoga platform (an activity recommended for clear weather). Private trails within the Avatar Eco Lodge reserve: Jungle trail (approx. 2 hours), medium difficulty (under reconstruction untill May 2019) Meditation trail (approx. 1 hour) with a meditation stops and relaxation points along the way.

JUNGLE ACTIVITIES Trekking with our ranger on our educational trails at Avatar Eco Lodge with an accompanied speech and lecture about the local nature and wildlife. Expert treks with our rangers to the Corcovado National Park:

Full-day trekking around the La Leona ranger station for a total of 10 kilometers. This trekking experience will take you through the rainforest and beach for about 5 kilometers, with magnificent views and sightings along the way. On this journey you’ll see our wildlife and rainforest animals in their natural habitat such as our monkeys, pumas, anteaters and more, with an easy trekking difficulty suitable for kids and seniors as well. The trek starts at 5 am as we depart from Avatar and we expect to be back at the lodges around 4pm.

Our two day trek La Leona - Sirena is our most difficult trek that starts from ranger station Leona and leads to the Sirena ranger station with a total distance of 16 kilometers to cover.  We continue our trek after an overnight stay at Sirena before heading back to Leona the next day. The sleeping conditions in Sirena are catered to and done in collective rooms where every trekker gets their own bed, a mosquito net with shared washrooms and warm food. The longer you stay within the National Park, the better the chances you have for sighting wildlife and discovering more of its’ natural beauty, which we highly recommend to our visitors. On this trekking adventure you’ll see much more than just the typical wildlife and if you choose to stay longer, the higher the chances you’ll have to spot some of our rarer animals such as our jaguars, pumas, snakes or wild pigs, frogs and more. Nearby the Sirena ranger station runs one of our local rivers where you can see bull sharks swimming through to hunt for prey during high tides and crocodiles heading towards the ocean to do the same, if interested (it is not possible to swim here).

The three day trekking trip Los Patos - Sirena - Leona is an extreme rainforest trekking trip that is ensured to be adrenaline filled for the adventurers looking for a true wildlife experience, and is mostly recommended for people in a good physical and psychological condition. The trek starts at the Los Patos ranger station where you begin with a challenging trek through rainforests of a 25 kilometer distance to arrive at Sirena where you will stay overnight. The next day is a bit more relaxing, you can do animal observing in the proximity of Sirena and the last day is the return back to Leona 16 kilometers along the coastline.

Along the NP Corcovado border from Avatar to Carate. During this trek there is no direct passage onto the National Park territory, only going along the border even with no physical barriers. With this trek comes a tough route full of animal sighting and natural habitat observing while overnight camping in the rainforests.

We depart early in the morning from Rio Tigre and begin our 10 kilometer trekking trip. On the way you will learn to recognize the different plants, trees and animals in the area as well as up-close observation. In the afternoon we start setting up our campsite in the wilderness and cook some food above a fire, then at night we place ourselves in the middle of the rainforest and feel the wild around us. We continue our journey in the morning by starting off with a fire cooked breakfast and proceed towards Carate for 10 kilometers. Around the afternoon we should reach the beaches of Carate nearby the Leona ranger station where Jeeps will take you to Avatar. It is also possible to stay overnight at the Carate beaches and go on a one or two day trek through the Corcovado National Park.

Tunnel del Pelusa waterfalls A whole day adventure to the waterfalls, high difficulty. As we go on the riverbed for about two hours, you can try your hand at panning gold on the way and when we reach the waterfalls, you’re free to bathe in the waters and visit the prehistoric caves nearby. The trip back goes through a rainforest trail that takes about two to three hours until we reach land and our Jeeps wait to take you back to Avatar.

For gold panning on the bordering river, we lend our special prospecting pans and will help show you how to get it done. The gold you find is yours to keep and good luck!

Footprint searching

Set out with our ranger and hunt for animal tracks! We will teach you how to not only find footsteps of wildlife but even help you cast their traces into plaster. Create your own plaster of the footprints of  pumas, jaguars, pigs or anything else we can find. A fascinating activity with an original souvenir to take back with you.

Our docked boats at the nearby Canasa beach are at your disposition and prepared to take you on an unforgettable oceanic adventure that you will surely never forget.

Fishing: Golfo Dulce is one of the best places for fishing in the world. Get the chance to catch a tuna, swordfish, seabass and more. You can also try out our sport fishing activity and try to catch a rare trophy fish! It is an adventure and a true experience, and you can even bring your catch for dinner to Karma Food and have your picture hung onto our wall of fame at our restaurant.

Dolphins and whales.Try out our up-close experience of viewing some one of the most beautiful aquatic animals, dolphins. These intelligent beings swim along our boats often in bigger groups giving you a true sea adventure. In the months from August to October we all collectively set out to observe humpback whales as well. A part of this trip is snorkeling at our nearby bay where you can see the different kinds of fish, turtles and even our local whale shark with a bit of luck which is great in size but harmless to humans. We offer full-day trips as well, filled with all of these activities where you can experience dolphin watching, whale watching and snorkeling while mangrove observing all at once.

So, take your paddleboard and let’s go! We will gladly rent paddle boards for you and our instructor will help train you to learn the craft to perfection. Paddleboarding is even better than kayaking, because of the majestic view while standing giving you a better chance to see the beauty of aquatic life.

  • early morning dolphin excursion at Playa Blanca

  • late night turtle exploring at Playa Blanca

  • mangrove trips

Surfing in Matapalo and excursions to the wild beaches of Matapalo include a lesson with our instructor covering the basics of surfing along with our lent surfing boards, that will guarantee you to learn how to stand up on a surfboard and even ride your first wave in a short period of time!


At Avatar Eco Lodge we have created a unique system under the name of Canopy Tour, a zipline from leads from tree to tree. Our project combines canopy tour with draped benches, rope bridges and tarzani jumps.

Still in the process of being built, predicted opening in June 2019.

The procedures we offer at Pura Medicina Spa are: massages, wraps and specialized bathing techniques. Morning jogging to the Juanita Mora beach along with an instructor and ranger.

At 6:45 running for a distance of 5 kilometers on a light terrain, with a car alongside the runners incase you run out of energy. As we reach the beach, we start with a light workout, bathe in the natural bay waters and offer a light drink with a smoothie base. After you are done with your activities, we have a transfer that can take you straight back to the hotel (unless you’d like to take a run back).

Yoga and a yoga lesson depending on the current timetable and hosting instructors.

Archery, experience the unique opportunity of shooting from our Olympic bows on targets and animal figures on our "hunting trail" at Avatar. With the possibility to organize tournaments within incentive groups. ARCHERY PARK is Still in the process of being built, predicted opening in June 2019.

On more gloomy days, we have created a selection of indoor activities for when you just need to relax from the sun. Mixing of essential oils, a workshop about healing Costa Rican oils and mixtures. Mix up your own medicine by the type you desire.

Cooking courses done inside the Karma Food kitchen with our chef. Do you want to learn how to prepare the national Costa Rican food gallo pinto? Would you want to learn how to properly cook with exotic ingredients? Do you know how to cook yuca, platanos or local fish dishes? Only with us.

Chocolate workshop. Costa Rica has the world’s best cocoa beans and chocolate in the world. At this workshop, you will learn how to make your own organic chocolate!

We also offer different artistic workshops such as a course of bead making out of glass, acrylic painting classes and even mask making from balsa wood.

Horse rides on the beach and on the mountain terrain. A visit to the organic farm Kobo with a lecture from a professional in the agricultural field along with a tasting experience.

Tree planting at Avatar as a part of our mission to reforest the area, while learning more about how it works and even having your name marked on your own tree.

We guarantee transport to the nearby beaches and for various excursions: Matapalo waterfall beaches, Playa Preciosa, Playa Blanca, Carate and Drake Bay (we offer a lunch and snack to bring with you in one of our coolers). All this activities are paid for transportation and guides.

Borrow our Toyota veterans (according to the current offer), iconic cars that can handle any terrain and which you can drive on your own, saving money on transport while feeling great. Trips on terrain four wheelers for the most courageous of you. Excursion to field quads by the riverbed, to the border of NP Corcovado and mountain ridges. Adrenaline, speed, terrain. Determined to be in operation from January 2019.


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