All of the villas and safari tents are connected to a fully functional ecosystem, making us a fully balanced symbiosis together with the forest. At Avatar Eco Lodge you can choose between: two grand villas, two royal safari tents, nine luxury safari tents or our honeymoon suite to stay at. Read further for more detailed information:

GRAND VILLA TRANQUILITY and ALEGRIA, our luxurious designer villas in the rainforest come with a breath-taking view to the ocean and a private hot tub jacuzzi. Every villa has two floors, two terraces, one large living room, two bedrooms, an indoor and outdoor bathroom and a hot tub jacuzzi for 4 people.

The villa covers 120 square meters and is built entirely from natural materials and exotic woods. It is truly a modern architectural jewel set within the virgin nature and decorated with artistic accessories tailored to each villa, from our bathroom mosaic murals, furniture from the finest wood to designer lighting and our stone sinks. The villa has two air-conditioned bedrooms, with a maximum capacity of 3 people and an extra bed in the bottom floor living room. The maximum capacity for the villa is 8-10 people and is suitable for clients that strive for the most of their experience, families or larger groups of people.

Grand Villa Trailer

Safari Tent Trailer

LUXURIOUS SAFARI TENTS Live like kings at Avatar! Our unique concept of safari tents is based on the lifestyle of wild royal aristocracy.

Our luxurious tents are built with the finest materials and exotic wood that have made up our terraces and roofs that give perfect protection from all weather conditions. Our outside designer bathrooms, with ocean and rainforest views are an absolute must for our tents and our guests love it! The advantage of staying in our safari tents is the true connection and proximity you have with the surrounding nature. You can hear the wild, see the beauty of the outdoors and let the landscape consume you, all while being comfortably protected in your own space.
Every tent is named after a powerful animal of the jungle. You can choose to stay at our puma, jaguar and eagle tent among many others. According to indian legends of the Boruca tribe, the totem animal you choose will give you the energy you need, guide you and interfere with dreams in the way they need to. Every tent has original designer decor including decorative fabrics, Boruca art, ceramic mosaics and ornamental additions correlating with our colonial style. Experience a once-in-a-lifetime stay in our Safari tents! The luxury tents cover 70 square meters and the royal safari tents 90 square meters.

ROYAL SAFARI TENTS PUMA and JAGUAR Our royal safari tents come with an ocean view, two bedrooms and a terrace that can house up to 4 people in total.

Even our open air bathrooms come with an amazing look-out and view to the ocean.The tents are complete with hand-picked luxurious furniture made from cedar wood, designer decor, couches and indoor hammocks. They are dedicated to the ruling wildlife of the jungle, the puma and jaguar.


Our luxury safari tents have one indoor bedroom for two people and an outside covered terrace, which can be used as a sleeping space for another two people if needed as well. The tents come with an observing terrace with either the choice of an ocean or rainforest view.

The tents cover 70 square meters, and include a designer open-air bathroom with original wall mosaic murals and a garden. These tents are named and dedicated to: the eagle, snake, monkey, toucan, sloth, butterfly, sea turtle and the tapir.


MACAW HONEYMOON SUITE The Scarlet macaw (Ara ararauna) are the biggest parrots in the world and are one of the iconic symbols here in Osa Peninsula. These parrots create pairs with another partner and spend their whole lives with them, and during your stay at Avatar Eco Lodge, you’ll see dozens of these beautiful creatures soaring above your head.

The Ara ararauna is the symbol of our exclusive honeymoon lodge, a place for your unforgettable intimate moments. The Macaw suite has been created especially for newly married couples and couples in love, who are looking for absolute privacy and isolation from the outside world. It has been placed in a way that is perfectly catered for your needs, so you can fully take pleasure of your romantic and intimate moments, with no neighboring tents, but in walking distance to Jaguar Rancha. The suite is 60 square meters and the indoor area is made up of a designer room with a dominant bed and the outside terrace that comes with a mosquito net  and comes with a luxurious bathroom and hot tub jacuzzi. Expected to be fully constructed by January 2019.


In Costa Rica and especially at the southern Osa Peninsula, every month is perfect for travelling and every time in the year offers something new and different. Our weather is particularly stable with an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius (83 degrees Fahrenheit) during green season and about 32 (90 F) in top season. The ocean has a stable 26-28 degree (80 F) temperature throughout the whole year.

Green season is considered a rainy season, mostly raining during afternoon and night hours, with an exception of September to November when we can experience fully rainy days a few times during the month. For these cases, we have prepared a set of indoor activities to still make the most out of your stay including our exclusive “healing rain therapy” program at Pura Medicina Spa.

All of the listed prices are in USD, price for one person per night. The price includes accommodation and breakfast, lunch and dinner is $15 each in the form of a buffet, salad bar and dessert, along with an all-day snack bar (filled with fruits, salad and cakes) and our drink menu of water, ice tea, smoothie of the day, tea and coffee. The price also includes a variety of activities as well as free pool and jacuzzi access, hiking areas in the proximity of Avatar Eco Lodge (without an included guide), morning exercising and other seasonal activities.

Extra fees: beer, premium drinks (such as our cocktails and alcoholic drinks), soft drinks, ice creams, trips, Transportation, paid activities, workshops and hiking guides. Massage and procedures at Pura Medicina Spa.

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In Costa Rica, we never have a low season. There is something going on every month, and every month we host a number of different events with something for everyone. Check out our current selection of events this month.

Please leave us your contact through Facebook messenger below and we can then easily inform you about our monthly events and activities, as well as our advances in our Avatar Tree Foundation about the reforestation of former palm oil plantations.

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