We are a fully ecological resort with an all-inclusive system and we promise that with us you will truly experience a luxurious stay within the wonders of the surrounding local nature.

We provide a variety of individual activities to enjoy during your visit, such as: jungle safari, ocean proximity, spa and trekking, as well as group activities like yoga and spiritual retreats including detox, medicine and firewalking.

Avatar Eco Lodge is also a popular spot if you seek a unique space to host smaller congresses and events, as well as team building and alluring ecotourism. We are easily accessible and offer top-notch upscale hospitality.

We form a direct border line with the Corcovado National Park, which has the strongest biodiversity of species variety in the world.

At Avatar Eco Lodge we have our own jungle trails where wildlife animals such as pumas, jaguars, wild boars among others migrate across the border onto the outside of the National Park and onto our land. The presence of these beings will make you truly feel the experience of being in a tropical paradise on your own hands. Here, nature is a permanent part of your surroundings, from toucans soaring above your gaze, to scarlet macaw sightings, simply heaven on earth. Our experienced rangers will guide you through multiple tracks specialized for animal sighting within the National Park or directly inside out natural reserve.

Our unique view into the side of pure rainforest, will leave you amazed by the beauty of untouched nature, with no single indication of human presence and complete night darkness filled only with the sounds of the outdoors. On the other side of our exceptional view, lays the Golfo Dulce bay, where you can sail out on our private boats for an ocean adventure and take up activities such as fishing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, sea turtle and mangrove observing, dolphin and whale excursions among many other exciting and once-in-a-lifetime experiences at your disposition.


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The Avatar Eco Lodge creates the center of the JAGUAR RANCHO reserve, an octagon rainforest structure with totems holding a 12 meter high, 360 degree observatory with an incomparable view into the neighboring rainforests to the nearby Golfo Dulce bay. At Jaguar Ranch, you can find everything from chillout zones to come sit down and take a break, a place to lay back and just play some billiards and a space specialized for workshops and individual relaxation.

You can also visit the Jaguar Bar that serves select drinks, the Karma Food restaurant and a 200 meter space for yoga with an extraordinary ocean view. Your stay also includes a fully equipped reception, hospitality desk and Ranger Station for further consultation and activity reservation.

The Jaguar Rancho is also composed of its’ magnificent and unique pool, with an overflowing edge and full view to the ocean, this is an experience like no other. It also includes a jacuzzi and a sunny area with loungers as well. Another service provided is the PURA MEDICINA SPA, a unique project that has much to offer specifically in self-care including massages, herbal procedures, unique body mud wrapping and anti-aging process techniques. Within the exclusive reserve you can try our walk paths, from the less difficult and relaxing promenades to our extreme and intense rainforest trekking. In the Avatar area, you can visit our tropical gardens as well as our meditation and relaxation zones that come with a full ocean and rainforest view. We offer incomparable luxury in hospitality, from standard luxury safari tents to exclusive two floor villas with personal hot tubs.


Avatar Eco Lodge is located on the sacred golden soil of the indigenous people, the Boruca Indians, who were one of the only natives capable of stopping Spanish colonizers from taking over their land. They were able to thanks to their connection and profound knowledge on usage of rainforest medicine we call Avatar, which is the spirit and soul of the surrounding rainforest that is seen in the sacred Jaguar mask at the Avatar Eco Lodge.

Only as soon as you come to Avatar, you can truly feel the surrounding energy and not only through the mystical and unique beauty of our nature, but through the vibrations that lead you to complete leisure and internal peace. We are in cooperation with the Boruca tribe for true representation of local art and craft, thanks to whom we have inspired six totems at Jaguar Rancho as well as the interior room decor. Thanks to the tribe’s generations of passed-on knowledge, we ourselves have expanded our own knowledge on their spiritual retreat techniques and healing through natural medicine with Borucan, Central and Southern American shamans.

Avatar Eco lodge is a shared economy project of British Asset, a platform of investive crowdfunding. We have collectively financed our top-notch lodge worth millions of dollars in 4 months and built it in a record time of 9 months. Avatar Eco Lodge co-owns more than 250 shareholders around the world, who earn an 8% annual dividend from their investments and spend time at the Avatar Eco Lodge as well.

If you look at our model project British Asset and current project investments, we build and operate comparable eco-projects across the globe with caution towards the local environment, and a mindset towards nature protection. We also pay close attention towards meeting European standard quality  accommodations and services. The mind behind the Avatar Eco Lodge project is well-known European motivational speaker and author originally from the Czech Republic, Jiří Vokiel Čmolík along with his wife Markéta with whom he lives in Costa Rica. Jiří is well known for his online personal development project under the name of Neurorestart and also as the author of 9 books, which take up topics such as personal development, as well as applied neuroscience and quantum physics. Markéta is an artist, who handcrafts jewelry from Czech glass, which is a special workshop activity we offer as well. As an artist, she was the one who truly brought the creative spirit to the interior spaces of Avatar which you can see for yourselves in numerous places as well as her ceramic mosaics in the open rainforest washrooms. Markéta and Jiří run Avatar Eco lodge in the name of British Asset and you can count on them, that together with team Avatar Eco Lodge, we will give you the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime experience at Avatar Eco Lodge.

Avatar Eco Lodge isn’t only a luxurious ecological reserve, but it presents an equally important role to the local environment and community. Avatar lays on a space of 45 hectares, 35 of which are primarily taken by the rainforest next to the National Park Corcovado and 10 hectares are that of land that once served as palm oil plantations.

Palm oil is a terrible danger and environmental hazard to our planet. It has caused numerous and widespread rainforest deforestations to create space for these plantations, resulting in the deterioration of this fragile ecosystem. Not only do oil palms exhaust the soil on which they’re placed on, but even after the full life cycle of a palm, it takes the soil 50 years to regenerate back to its original and former state. Instead of any beneficial values to offer, oil palms leave behind burnt grounds and not a trace of the flourishing and once vibrant rainforests that used to inhabit those spaces.

At Avatar Eco Lodge, we have a specialized program focusing on the step-by-step regeneration and reforestation of former palm oil plantations under the name of Avatar Tree Foundation. We seek to return to damaged land and restore it to its’ former beauty, by buying the old plantation plots and reforesting these areas.

By doing this, we are not only building the ecosystem backup, in aide to mother nature, but protecting the local environment from further harm. By staying at Avatar Eco Lodge, you are not only supporting an eco-project, but the local environment as well through protection of these rainforests and our encouraging activities we offer specifically for those who’d like to help in the reforestation through planting your own tree with our farmers.


The advantage of Avatar Eco Lodge is our easily accessible location. We are located along the paved road about 15 minutes from Puerto Jimenez. Get off of the main road and within 5 minutes you’ll find yourself in the middle of the rainforest. We pick up our clients at the Puerto Jimenez airstrip by fashion old Land Cruiser like from Indiana Jones movie... your adventure is just beginning!


In Costa Rica, we never have a low season. There is something going on every month, and every month we host a number of different events with something for everyone. Check out our current selection of events this month.

Please leave us your contact through Facebook messenger below and we can then easily inform you about our monthly events and activities, as well as our advances in our Avatar Tree Foundation about the reforestation of former palm oil plantations.

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